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The International Harvester Collectors Charitable Trust:

The International Harvester Collectors Charitable Trust is looking for Chapters to donate money towards providing a new, secure modern cabinet to house the valuable models of the Cyrus McCormick Reapers in Raphine, Virginia. This display includes 14 miniature models of different McCormick reapers that may have been used as "patent models" in connection with the original patent application. They are presently displayed in a glass case that is well over 100 years old and very vulnerable to breakage, as well as being non-secured.

Initial estimates approximate $11,000.00 to provide the necessary workmanship necessary to properly house and display the models safely. The State of Virginia provides no funding for the McCormick Exhibit. Chapters who donate will be inscribed in a plaque with Chapter Number and State location in a prominent place at the exhibit so visiting members can be proud of their contribution.

I feel that this could be a valuable cause for our Ohio Chapter 6 to consider donating to, to help preserve our agricultural history.

 Summer Chapter 6 Meeting will be held on Saturday, August 19th at Fairfield County Antique Tractor Club Show,  Fairfield County Fairgrounds

157 East Fair Ave.

Lancaster, Ohio 43130
                     11:00         : Directors Meeting
                     12:00 Noon: Lunch provided
                     1-3 PM       : General membership meeting
                     3 PM          : Thank you for attending and safe travels home!

FALL MEETING: Will be held with the National Auction in Wauseon, Ohio